Artist Statement

As a Queer Dominican Colombian American woman with Black and Indigenous roots, colonial oppression has been groomed into my physical body my entire life. I distinctly remember the discomfort of this grooming while growing up in ballet school. I was told to strive for a representation of beauty that was unattainable. I was taught to contort my body in ways it was not meant to. I straightened my hair and tweezed my bushy eyebrows until I forgot the ancestors who gave them to me.


Upon this realization, I have pursued the liberation of my mind and body from colonization and oppression. Learning Orisa dance as an expression of the ceremonial celebration of the deities of Ifá, a West African Traditional Religion, practicing Ifá as a spirituality rooted in the relationship between these celestial forces and ancestral understanding, and spending time learning Indigenous practices in a sanctuary on Chumash territory, all propelled my journey of dismantling forms of racism within myself. I have experienced first hand how the celebration of African and Indigenous cultures can build self identity and dismantle self perpetuated oppression created by racist systems in myself and others. This, combined with my training and work in social justice through local government, nonprofits, community organizing and cross cultural dialogue, informs and inspires my artistic pursuits. I seek to liberate individuals and communities of oppressive beliefs and social structures through the celebration of Afro Indigenous art and spirituality, as well as the representation of love and beauty in all forms.

Principal Consultant

Empactify, LLC

United American Indian Involvement


To be announced 2021

Community Development Consultant

The Black Economic Council of Massachusetts, Inc. (BECMA) is a growing advocacy organization dedicated to the economic advancement and well-being of Black communities throughout Massachusetts. BECMA's work understands that this type of economic empowerment requires both short-term and long-term planning.

As BECMA's Chief Advisor, I currently lead the organization's strategic planning process.

Chief Advisor

Black Economic Council

of Massachusetts

I thrive in building community and institutionally involved projects and coalitions.

Through Empactify, I consult with grassroot Black and Indigenous led organizations on initiatives that center racial equity as a goal and process.