About Me

I am the child of Dominican and Colombian immigrants. For the most part, I grew up in Maryland, in suburbs adjacent to Washington, D.C. I identify as an artist (dance and visual arts) and social welfare strategist. 

Through my social welfare strategy firm Empactify, I have the honor of supporting social change in various ways – such as helping nonprofits cultivate adaptive strategy skills, facilitating workshops and trainings, community asset mapping, and connecting influencers with nonprofits and causes that align with their passions and interests.


My introduction to activism began in high school – I was selected to participate in the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. I had the opportunity to meet my local representatives, and presented to my school on a policy issue I felt passionate about – allocating resources for mental health counseling in Latin American communities and specifically for Latin youth.  ​

At the University of Miami, I studied psychology and art. During my time there, I worked in Dr. Amy Weisman de Mamani's schizophrenia family lab as a research assistant and independent researcher, and published work on symptom presentation difference between different racial groups.


At UM, I dove into advocacy work, leading No Zebras, Canes Against Sexual Assault. In a time when the organization was at the threat of closing, I helped establish and exponentially grow the organization's executive board, membership, and budget. No Zebras engaged students and faculty throughout the year in numerous meaningful activations and forums, such as Take Back the Night, Tunnel of Oppression, and Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, hosting events in partnership with organizations such as Lauren's Kids and Promoting Awareness Victim Empowerment (PAVE). 

I transitioned to the Master of Social Welfare program at the University of California, Los Angeles, studying the "macro" approach of focusing on communities, organizations and policy.  In this time, I had the opportunity to work with meaningful organizations such as Venice Community Housing Corporation's Youthbuild program, and the National Council of Jewish Women. I also trained in Intergroup Dialogue facilitation, an evidence-based group dialogue practice of developing critical consciousness and promoting social justice in a manner that builds relationships. 

In my early professional career, I worked in both government and nonprofit spaces, learning about the implementation of social change work from numerous perspectives. My company Empactify is a consulting firm that seeks to activate the change creator within people and entities. Empactify's work is informed by my experience in city government, community organizing, project management, strategy planning, research, and community dialogue. It motivates well-informed and impactful action through work that builds empathy and compassion.

Please check out my Linkedin, or request my CV, to learn the full scope of my work. 

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Select Clients and Feedback

"Working with Tiffany has been an absolute joy and honor- I've learned a tremendous amount of practical strategies related to growing a company at scale while charting a path for sustainable growth- all centered in equity. I don't think our company would be as successful as we are if it weren't for working with her."

"Working with Tiffany and Empactify, LLC has been nothing but pleasure. Tiffany kicked off what I hope to become a sustainable organization in the future."

"The transitions from start to finish were seamless. I feel more connected to my team, and more knowledgeable about my organization."

"Tiffany is a great facilitator and very encouraging. I would recommend her to other organizations."